London Neonatal Group (LNG)

The London Neonatal Group is made up of lead clinicians, nurses, commissioners, expert managers, parent advocates and representatives. The group oversees the work plan of the London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network (ODN) and is chaired by the pan-London Clinical Director. For more information contact us.

NHS England (NHSE)

The London Neonatal ODN brings together providers over a wide area to access specialist resources and expertise. While working towards the Right Care principles, managing the right patient in the right place. The Network takes a whole system approach to improving services and works closely with the maternity clinical network, the paediatric ODN and commissioners at NHSE to help secure the best outcome for patients

Parent Advisory Group (PAG)

The London Neonatal PAG has been developed to enable parent representatives who have experienced neonatal services, with the opportunity to influence Network decisions regarding the services provided across London. The PAG meets quarterly and are a sub-group of the LNG. Members of the PAG are supported by the dedicated management team and work alongside clinicians, nursing staff, managers and commissioners and the voluntary sector to help shape future services and the strategy for patient and public involvement. Parent representatives are also able to attend their Local Clinical Oversight Group to feedback parent views and influence local work plans.

If you would like to know more about becoming a parent representative for the network please contact us or the charity, Bliss.

Local Clinical Oversight Groups (COG)

The London Neonatal ODN has three localities: north west London, north central and north east London and south London. Each of these local areas has a COG, which includes local clinical leads, unit leads and lead nurses. Their meetings look at issues and improvements on a more local level and their work feeds into the LNG.

Maternity Clinical Networks & Local Maternity Systems (LMS)

The London Neonatal ODN works closely with the London Maternity Clinical Network as well local maternity systems

The pan-London Maternity Network is made up of: