Welcome to the NCEL Network Page.

The NCEL Network has a wonderful multidisciplinary team with a variety of unique specialisms. They collaborate regularly to share best practice and devise consistent guidelines for practice, improving the continuity of care you receive as you move through the network.

Clinical Leads:  Giles Kendall (UCLH) & Nandiran Ratnavel (RLH/NTS)

Clinical Governance Lead:  Ambalika Das (QH)

Infection Control:  Bron Shuttleworth (UCLH)

Therapies:  Gillian Kennedy (UCLH)

All units have clinical, nursing and practice development nursing (PDN) representatives that attend network meetings. The clinical and nursing leads meet quarterly with those of the other London networks to discuss network issues with the ODN.

The NCEL Network is made up of the following Neonatal Units:

mae map


We provide a variety of unique services within our network:

  • Specialist Surgical Centres at Royal London and Great Ormond Street
  • Family Integrated Care at UCLH and Barnet
  • Foetal Medicine Centre at UCLH
  • Specialist NIDCAP Training at UCLH
  • Our Network hosts the Neonatal Transfer Service which operates for the whole of London

Network Guidelines

To ensure your baby receives the best care, and this care and your rights are consistent in every unit they visits within the NCEL Network, our team works hard to establish network guidelines for care, overcoming considerable variations between Trust.

  • Exchange transfusion
  • Management of NEC
  • Repatriation
  • Agreed Transfer Process
  • Infection Guidelines and Alerts
  • Haemorragic Hydrocephalus
  • Cooling Guideline
  • Nasal Intubation
  • TPN Regimen


NCEL host a variety events, conferences and training days welcome to network staff. These include regular nutrition study days, developmental assessment training and NTS simulation days. You can find details of all upcoming network events and how to register on the ODN events page.


Many of the units in NCEL are actively involved in research. If you decide to take part in a research study on you unit, your baby will never receive a lower standard of care.

Our current research studies include:

  • Prevail Long Line QMUL
  • Bibins Biomarkers QMUL
  • Metabolites at UCLH
  • PDP at UCLH
  • ROP at UCLH