During the COVID-19 situation the network will collate national and regional guidance relating to the management of women/babies. Guidance will be updated as needed as more evidence emerges.


Updated advice for pregnant healthcare workers and employers during the coronavirus outbreak – RCOG


COVID-19 Guidance for Paediatric Services

Network Visiting Policy

Use of Face Mask/Coverings in Babies and Young Children

Pan London psychological support for staff:

  1. Self Referral Triangle 
  2. Going Home Checklist 
  3. Sleeping Well

Infection Prevention and Control 

A recent review of Infection, Prevention and Control process (IPC) across the London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network has identified a lack of uniformity in Trusts’ IPC practices. The London Neonatal ODN IPC Guidance has been developed with the intention of advising and supporting Trusts on standards and expectations for management of IPC concerns, particularly with regard to MDR organisms, with a view to improving the efficiency of transfer of babies between neonatal units,  and to guide on safe, evidence-based IPC practice.

This guidance has been developed by a working party supported by the Neonatal ODN,  Public Health England (London) and the Directors of Infection Prevention & Control (DIPC) Forum, with broad clinician representation from across the London Neonatal ODN. 

London ODN IPC guidance final ratified Sept19


Enhanced Infection Control Nursing Audit for Neonatal Care

Infection control is at the heart of patient safety. Using a ‘fresh-eyes’ approach the lead nurses and practice educators from the North Central & East London sector undertook an enhanced peer review of infection prevention and control procedures across the sector units. The aim of this project was to support a positive network approach to shared learning and improve the safety of the babies in these high-risk units. The review was undertaken across boundaries and disciplines to allow openness and transparency. The final report was well received and immediate ‘win’s for all units were reported, highlighting good practices found in units for sharing. The final report recommends that the audit tool and process should be shared with other neonatal ODNs in the United Kingdom, so please contact the London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network for further information and a link to the toolkit.

The London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network would like to acknowledge the hard work of the then sector Lead Nurses, Jacki Dopran and Janet Broughton for their relentless support for this project and improves in patient safety. Special thanks also to all those units and their staff who took part in this work for their commitment to sharing best practice.


NeoMate App

This is a free app for doctors and nurses looking after sick newborn babies.

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London Workforce Strategy

The workforce strategy report has recently been published by the Pan London Neonatal Lead Nurse, on the London neonatal nursing workforce survey, and associated workforce strategy. This report highlights the current situation of nurse staffing levels in London, how these relate to the service specification guidelines, and proposed actions for future improvement.

workforce strategy 2016

‘New Ways of Working Together in the Neonatal Unit’

This project – a collaboration between Health Education England, the London School of Paediatrics and the London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network explores new ways of working in the neonatal unit. Following a review of the current neonatal workforce, the report makes a number of recommendations which support the London neonatal units to improve service delivery at a time when the nursing and medical workforce are in decline, and the service is seeing increased activity and acuity.

Exploring New Ways of Working in the Neonatal Unit – LODN

BAPM NSQI document        

These 19 Neonatal Service Quality Indicators define the features of a high-quality neonatal service and provide a simple format for units to review themselves against these professional standards and use as a basis for quality improvement.

Neonatal Service Quality Indicators’


Embedding Transitional Care Services in London

London Transitional Care Resource