Family-centered care is something that all neonatal units should be providing to you and your baby. It means that you are actively encouraged, by all staff on the neonatal unit, to take part in your baby’s care and are consulted over any decisions that are made concerning your baby’s medical or developmental needs.

Every baby is admitted as part of a family, with a parent or carer, who are vital to supporting their time in the neonatal unit. It can be a very stressful time for you and it is important that you are made to feel welcome, included and empowered to take an active part in your baby’s care and development. This can have tremendous benefits for your baby, who will feel more secure, nurtured and loved helping them to heal, grow and develop. Being involved in your baby’s care will also help you understand what is happening, find the experience less traumatic, and encourage you to feel ready to take your baby home, when they are well enough.