Barnet Hospital



Royal Free London NHS Trust


Starlight Neonatal Unit (Barnet Hospital), Second floor of the main building, Barnet Hospital, Wellhouse Lane, Barnet, Hertfordshire EN5 3DJ


0208 216 5160 or 5161

Unit Policy

At The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust there are two levels of Neonatal care over 2 sites. Special Care is provided for babies who need to be monitored closely who have been born slightly early or are unwell. This service is available at both the Barnet and Royal Free sites. Intensive care is for more premature babies or sicker babies who need specialist care and this is located at the Barnet site only.

Each unit has a Multidisciplinary ward round usually between 9 am to 12 am. Parents are invited to be present at this time with an opportunity for parents to ask questions. Both units are also dedicated to the implementation of the “Baby Friendly Initiative” with the aim of promotion and improving rates of breastfeeding uptakes.

The Starlight Neonatal Unit (Barnet Hospital) is for babies born from 27 weeks gestation onwards. Intensive care is provided for newborn babies. This is the first UK neonatal unit to provide 10 individualised care rooms to allow family centred developmental care where parents to stay throughout the neonatal journey; this allows parents to learn valuable skills and knowledge whilst being supported by trained staff in order to confidently care for their baby.


Visiting Hours

• Parents are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their baby over each 24 hour period; unfortunately we do not have facilities for siblings to stay.
• Grandparents and siblings are able to visit daily, whilst other adult visitors are able to visit between the hours of 2 pm and 7 pm.

Key Contact

Barnet Hospital: 0208 216 5160 or 5161

Unit Facilities

Facilities at the Barnet Hospital
The Barnet Hospital has a restaurant situated at the main entrance called ‘Spice of Life’. Its opening hours are from 07-20:00 and serve hot and cold food. There is an ATM inside the restaurant. Other facilities include ‘Delimarche’ cafeteria (08:00-17:15), a Hospital shop and a change machine. Self-service drinks machine are distributed throughout the hospital. There is a parents room on the neonatal unit with facilities for making tea and coffee, fridge and a microwave for heating food.
The hospital also has a Prayer room for Christian, Jewish and Muslim clients to access.

Public Transport & Car Parks

The nearest tube station for Barnet Hospital is High Barnet

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