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Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing University College Hospital 25 Grafton Way London WC1E 6DB


Main Hospital Switchboard: 020 3456 7890 or Direct Line to Unit Recection: 020 3447 6247

Unit Policy

Our NICU is the Level 3 unit for the North Central London area which provides specialist intensive care for critically ill babies. Our specialist unit cares for premature babies and sick and very ill new-born babies. Our unit has 17 intensive care cots, 4 high dependency cots and 12 special care cots. We also take referrals from other areas in London.

Hand over times for doctors are usually 08:00 - 08:30, 16:30 - 17:00 and 20.00 - 20.30. Nurse’s handover times are: 08:00-08:30 and 20:00 -20:30. Ward rounds are held between 11:00 to 12:00 on Monday to Thursday and at 10:00 on Friday.

If you are visiting during the doctors’ ward rounds you will normally be invited to stay while your baby’s care is being discussed and will be expected to leave the nursery while other babies are being discussed. This is to make sure confidentiality is maintained.

Alternatively, you can speak to the nurse looking after your baby who will arrange a convenient meeting time with the consultant between 10:00 and 16:00, to answer any questions or concerns.

University College London Hospital

Visiting Hours

We are open 24 hours to parents so you can visit your baby whenever you wish. Visiting hours for grandparents, siblings and other relatives are between 10am – 8pm.

Due to the limited space in the nurseries and on the unit we can accommodate two people per cot/incubator, one of whom should be a parent. A maximum of four visitors per baby are allowed on the Neonatal Unit (NNU) at any time. The two visitors not at the cot space may stay in the reception area. Other visitors should wait in the public areas of the hospital e.g. the cafeteria.

Visitors under sixteen years old are not allowed to visit. Brothers and sisters of the baby are welcome, but other visitors who come to the unit without prior consent will not be allowed to see your baby.

Parents and relatives must not visit the unit if they are unwell e.g. rashes, symptoms of flu/ cold or diarrhoea or vomiting within the previous 48 hours. If you are unsure about your own or visitors’ symptoms, ask the staff looking after your baby.

Over the winter months’ visiting is restricted because of the increased risk of introducing common infections such as influenza or norovirus to the babies on the unit. During this time, only parents and grandparents of the baby are allowed to visit. You will be advised when these restrictions are in place.

Key Contact

Neonatal Unit Lead Consultant: Giles Kendall (Ext 78094)
Neonatal Unit Manager: Rebecca Shelley (Ext 76248)
General Manager for Maternity & Neonatal: Stuart Bell (Ext 72645)

You can telephone the unit at any time day or night to enquire about your baby. We only give out patient information over the telephone to parents unless otherwise agreed, and your consent is written in your baby’s notes.

The direct telephone number to reception is 020 3447 6247, and for the main hospital switchboard is 020 3456 7890 or

Each nursery has a telephone extension. Below are the extension numbers for each nursery (dial 020344 +ext). Please ask the nurse looking after your baby if you are unaware of which nursery your baby is in.

NURSERY 1 - ext. 76245
NURSERY 2 - ext. 76242
NURSERY 3 - ext. 76241
NURSERY 4 - ext. 76240
NURSERY 5 - ext. 76249

NURSERY 6 - ext. 76233
NURSERY 7 - ext. 76237
NURSERY 8 - ext. 76235

In case we need to contact you please ensure we have your correct contact details, mobile and landline numbers where possible.

Unit Facilities

Parent’s lounge / kitchen
There is a parents’ lounge with a refrigerator, a microwave, kettle and a dishwasher. Tea and coffee are provided so parents can help themselves. You can bring your own food, which can be stored in the fridge, labelled with your name and date. Please note that the contents of the fridge are checked daily, and unlabelled or out-of-date food will be disposed of.
Due to the limited space, children must be supervised at all times. Family and friends are asked to wait in the waiting area at reception, so parents can use the lounge.
Food is provided free of charge for breastfeeding mothers. Please ask our reception staff or nurse looking after your baby for details.

Rooming in rooms
We have two ‘Rooming In’ rooms available for parents to stay in overnight. Priority is given to families whose baby is critically ill and those preparing for home. If mothers are discharged from the postnatal ward, there is limited availability to room in and the duration of stay cannot be guaranteed. If you are staying in one of the parents’

Access to religious support
UCLH has a multi-faith team who visit regularly to care for the spiritual and religious needs of patients, their families and friends. You do not have to be religious to make use of this service. If you would like to see a member of the team, then please ask ward staff to contact them on ext: 73007. At University College Hospital, the chapel, Muslim prayer room and quiet room (ground floor) are open 24/7.

Access to interpreters
If you need to speak to us with an interpreter, please speak to the nurse caring for your baby so that this can be arranged.

Catering / refreshments
The cafeteria situated on the ground floor in the main hospital is open Monday to Friday 07:30 - 20:30, Saturday to Sunday 07:30 – 18:00.
Alternatively, there is a variety of local shops on Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street both on the right when you exit the hospital.

Cash points / banks
There is an ATM at the cafeteria in the main hospital and a number of Banks and cash points are located on Tottenham Court Road.

Public Transport & Car Parks

How to get to the hospital

By Bus
• Tottenham Court Road → Northbound (Warren Street Station) → Bus No’s 10, 73, 24, 29, 134
• Gower Street → Southbound (University Street) → Bus No’s 10, 24, 29, 73, 134
• Euston Road → Bus No’s 18, 27, 30, 88

By Tube
• Warren Street (Northern/Victoria Lines)
• Euston Square (Circle/Hammersmith & City/Metropolitan Lines)
• Euston Station (Northern/Victoria/Overground lines and main line trains (5min walk),
• Kings Cross/St Pancras (10 – 15min walk)

By Mainline Trains
The closest mainline stations are:
• Kings Cross/St Pancras (10 – 15min walk)
• Euston (5min walk)

For more information on travelling via mainline trains, call National Rail Enquires (084 5748 4950), or visit

Unfortunately, there are no free parking facilities available and car parking is extremely difficult around UCLH sites. Parking meters/pay and display are located around all hospital sites. However, parking in Camden is free on Sundays, bank holidays and after 7pm on weekdays. Please be aware that the streets to the first left of the hospital are in the congestion zone.

Paid Parking Contact Numbers
APCOA Euston Station - 084 5077 4224
NCP Carburton Street - 084 5050 7080

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