Family Integrated Care, or FICare, is where you as a parent become part of the team caring for your baby on the unit.

The London Neonatal ODN is comitted to improving parent experience on units and creating new models of care to improve outcomes and continuity of care for premature babies.

Imperial College Healthcare Trust are our Flagship in FICare. Their current project has developed FICare principles and frameworks from untis in Canada to be used on UK units. They have developed a number of training modules for parents to gain competencies for completing their babies cares on units, and an App. where you can record these cares and maintain a diary of your babies time there. It also acts as a hub for parent information.

Studies show that FICare can reduce the length of your baby’s stays on the neonatal unit, and reduces the chance of readmission. You and your baby will feel much calmer the closer you are able to be.


Ask your unit today if they are a FICare unit.



You can find out more about FICare and its origins in Canada at:



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