Toolkits and Care Pathways

The London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network has worked with colleagues from the London Perinatal Mental Health Network to develop guidance for neonatal health professionals regarding the management of women and babies after birth, to help them recognise the effects of exposure to Psychotropic medication during and after pregnancy.

You can download a copy of the guidance here, along with the information leaflet that should be given to all women taking psychotropic medication during pregnancy.

Parent’s Info. Leaflet

The Perinatal Mental Health Network was established to standardise and join practice across perinatal mental health, and provide support for parents from the earliest opportunity. The London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network has linked with the Perinatal Network on this topic to provide a thorough review of issues affecting mothers, and patients with mental illness, to create the most effective toolkits.


If you are pregnant, post-natal, or considering pregnancy, and have a mental illness, speak to your doctor about how the get the healthiest and happiest pregnancy. You should always inform your midwife of any mental illness you have, or have had previously, and what medication you may be taking. Never stop taking your medication without consultation.

There is loads of helpful advice on the Royal Collage of Psychiatrist website at:

Check back soon for the London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network Protocol – currently under development, which will be posted here.